Tuesday, April 14, 2015


"Disinfect your mind and clean away your old way of thinking so that you can fill yourself with new thoughts and splatter a clean canvas with the color of your own reality!" 

Hello! Hello! Helloooooo!! It's been a while since I dropped a new episode of The Samofftharecord Experience and I sincerely apologize.  But, here I am once again with episode 4.  I call this episode "Bleach In The Waterfall" with Hero The Band.  These guys are pretty kick ass, always up to creating, innovating, and being true to their core all while inspiring the world around them.  They have been working on a new EP titled BLEACH and they gave me the sneak peek and kind of the first listen.  I was super stoked to hear their new project, every time I hear their music it pumps me up, makes me wanna dance and gets my mind in the right place, the place of thinking further and greater.  We spent a day out in the wilderness capturing visuals and exploring God's green earth.  The experience of course was nothing less than super exciting and adrenaline rushing. Yep, my kind of living.  They shared news about their upcoming EP which is coming in May 2015!

"Most people consider us a rock band but we consider this project 'iPod' sound because it's a mixture of gospel, country, EDM, pop, rock n roll of course, R&B, and on, when someone listens to their iPod the genre of music is not limited." -Justin (bassist of Hero)

BLEACH is all about disinfecting the negativity from the mind, having a clean canvas and splattering your own reality.  Are you excited?! I am so excited for what's coming from Hero The Band and just plain excited for life! The experience above is a recap of our waterfall adventure and music from "BLEACH" so go ahead and hit PLAY. Stay tuned for what comes next and keep up with Hero HERE.

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