Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Hello BeYOUtiful beings!! I know I've been slipping on my blogging and video game as of lately, but life has been super busy handing me all kind of great ass opportunities that I must just step up to the plate for and knock out of the park. One of those opportunities was creating the first ever #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW this past Saturday along with's founder Adia Dightman. I posted a flyer and info a few weeks ago on a blog post.
My little heart almost exploded from all the happiness and excitement I felt seeing this dream of mine manifested. My goal was to unite women of diverse backgrounds, professions, ages, and lifestyles in the means of inspiring, empowering,and sharing positivity and ideas. Our panel consisted of some very interesting and beYOUtiful women such as Dr. Karcheik Alvarado, she is an elegant woman Historian with a mean shoe game, Anastasia Nicole of, The Bazaar Bohemian of and, Oni of, and Faatima of Not only are these ladies making waves in the digital space but in real life too!1 They shared valuable advice with us and nothing but good vibes ++++++. We sipped on some fancy champagne thanks to one of our sponsors, Matlock Advertising and munched on strawberries and mini cupcakes.  Our Pow Wow was held at The Collider tech start up space at the Biltmore in Midtown Atlanta.  Special shoutout to Collider for being our second sponsor.  We appreciated their support in helping us make this dream come to pass!! I have never felt more proud to be a woman, to be a freedom fighter, and to kick ass.  It was amazing to be in the presence of so many women of different walks of life from historians, scientists, fashion bloggers, tech girl, singers, and writers.  There was no dress code, be who you are!  There was no egos, no shade, no competition, no barriers.. We were just there to live, create, inspire! Hit play on our video recap so you can see what you missed and stay tuned for the next #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW!

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