Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hot Hat Alert!! MY NEW FAVORITE HAT!!!!!!

Hats are absolutely awesome for 2 reasons.  One, to look stylish. Two, and most importantly, to hide your jacked up hair that you don't feel like combing or don't have enough time to do! I'm totally a hat girl.  i have a few favorite hats that I pull out for emergency use to get me looking spiffy in no time.  As of lately I've been infatuated with my new 'Dirty South' ball cap from Convertible Bertt. I think this cap is for boys, but I don't care, i love it!! For starters I am mad about Old English font! It makes me feel like a real ass 'G' haha. I also live in the Dirty South so it's fitting to wear.  I've been wearing this hat almost every day for the past week while I'm working at video shoots, photo shoots, at my lawyer's office, at dinner with my mom... pretty much every where. You know I'm always hunting for the cool shit and the real shit not always what's super popular or trending that's why I love the rest of Convertible Bertt's stuff, it's got an edge to it, it's affordable, local, and on top of it the guy who owns the brand is a homie and his vision is pretty dope.  His apparel line is influenced  heavily by drag racing and the auto culture as a whole. Even though the apparel line is created for men, I feel like kick ass girls can rock some of the stuff too.  I plan on grabbing a few more items from CB soon to add to my #fastandfierce style.  I'm a woman on the go but I love to look fly!! If you like it you might like the rest of Convertible Bertt's stuff so check it out at and if you love this hat click HERE! Tell him I sent you.

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