Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 So it's February 17th, I'm sitting on my desk vibing out and listening to Go Dreamer's new musical project, "Friend Zone" which dropped today. I've been in such a daze lately balancing so much work and planning many new things for spring that I forgot today was the due date, I was so stoked to be reminded by my good friend Buckhead Thread that today was Friend Zone day. I asked BT to tell me how he would describe this project and he nailed it! I couldn't have described it any better, "Sublime meets Michael Jackson, an album to dance to all night at The Back To The Future prom." The project features young musical sensation Raury on "The Color is Green" Track 6, and 'Mood Swings' produced by Ray Murray of Organized Noise. Though I must say that my favorite mellow track is track 8 "All The World" which has guitar features by 2 of my favorite Atlanta creatives, Jow of Vintage Nation and Buckhead Thread. It's like the perfect infusion of sound, energy and creativity. 

Not only is Go Dreamer half of Hollyweerd and producer for Big Boi of Outkast but he himself is a pretty bad ass solo artist who pushes the envelope with his new wave,cool wave, retro electro funk, pop indie, hip hop infused sound. All while at the same time revolutionizing with his 'Weerdo' movement repping for all of us weird beings out here in these streets.

 Overall I'm sincerely diggin' this project to the fullest, not only cus I had the pleasure of being posted up on the cover art with my old Bruce Lee haircut, but because it's simply fresh, new, progressive, and smooth from beginning to end. But hey, what do I know, I'm no music critic or guru, simply a hunter of things and people who create with heart. You be the judge press play and in the words of Go Dreamer, "Stay Weerd!"

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