Sunday, January 4, 2015


It is no secret that New York is my favorite place.  In 2014 I spent plenty of weekends going back and forth as often as I could just to gather some new inspiration and visit the many amazing friends I have here.  The past handsome year of 2014 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.  2014 was a year of dancing out of my comfort zone, facing my fears, shedding of old ideas, projects, jobs and people.  I can't say that it was easy but growth isn't a pretty process.  Growth is stretching and stretching does't always feel that amazing right?  As the year was coming to a close I felt extremely drained physically and mentally as well as uninspired.  I could blame it on the bad eating habits I had been practicing due to my busy mind and activities as I prepare to push new projects this new year or I could blame it on my lack of organization and my ability to get all anxious and panicky when things don't move fast enough, but I'm just gonna take full accountability and work on bettering myself so I don't fall back in that place of fatigue and creative block again (I'm a little crazy I know).  However, I certainly wanted to end 2014 strong and kick off 2015 with a bang! What better place to ring in 2015 than the city that has been a huge source of inspiration since the first time I visited? I packed up and flew off to New York City baby!

This time around I've spent a week here rather than just a weekend.  I had no specific plan, I just kind of came to clear my mind and find some new energy.  That I found! I spent New Year's eve day exploring throughout the city from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Central Park just taking photos of people and things that inspired me (you can peep those in my Photo Journal).  After my exploring was over, I ended up going to a couple New Year's Eve parties with a good friend of mine, we rode the train to the parties with his friends who were super cool! Right at the stroke midnight I found myself hugging new cool strangers and feeling great! We bounced over to a loft party where I met some pretty rad people, danced and laughed the night away feeling a sense of new energy entering my life.  It was pretty great! I have spent the rest of my New Year days creating with some of my favorite creatives here in NY, preparing some new work and ventures I'll be heading into this year and getting my energy and mind right.   I feel so refreshed, I feel so alive, I feel so light after shedding so much this past year, I feel ready to enter a new dimension.  I don't much believe in resolutions but I do have one motto for 2015 which I plan on continuing this new chapter in my journey. 2015 is the year of  #FUCKFEAR! Yep, that's what I'll live by this year.  If I want something I'm just going to do it. Do what it takes without letting anything hold me back.  Not even myself! This is the year to run after my destiny!! You should too!! Happy New Year my awesome friends.  Make it count!!

Check out my New Year's Eve Photos HERE!

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