Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Call me hunter of the cool, call me hunter of the good energy! However, what's even cooler is when you don't hunt and it's just served to you.  A friend of mine recently put me on to Textiles and Alchemy, a sunglass company that transcends the ordinary. Textiles and Alchemy is the science of deconstructing and reconstructing fabrics into wearable pieces of art. I'm a lover of the art as you know so I was totally digging all of their masterpieces.  They use textiles and fabrics from around the globe to create some of the coolest shades I've ever seen.  Ranging from vibrant pattern fabric glasses to bold and edgy shades of different shapes.  What I love best about Textiles and Alchemy is the meaning behind the brand and the mission.  I love how creative and in tune with the energy passed on from the maker to the product they are.  There seems to be an authentic feel to this brand.  I was gifted a pair of the Ono Zebe glasses from the RA collection.  I immediately fell in love!! For starters they're round which is my favorite sunglass shape, the zebra fabric is super cool and edgy, and they have these cool little shades over the shade that give them an extra unique look.  I specially like the packaging.  They come in a gold block case which made me feel like I was opening up an ancient Egyptian treasure or something.  Super cool man!! It's always really awesome to find brands with a deeper meaning than just someone trying to sell you something.  I plan on rocking the hell out of my shades and copping a few more styles soon.  Any who check them out if you dig them and stay elevated my friends!!

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