Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I used to run. I used to kind of have abs. I used to be fit man!! 'Used to' is not acceptable!! I have been slacking heavily with my fitness and I don't like the way it feels.  Not only is exercise great to get you in shape and looking sexy but it's important for our health.  We need to take care of our bodies so that our bodies can take care of us.  Sometimes we get busy and it's really difficult to fit in a good 45 minute workout, hell even 30 minute.  Sometimes we can't make it to a gym or sometimes, well majority of the time we make excuses.  I don't want to make excuses anymore.  I reached out to a great friend of mine, Devan Dunson, who is a professional fitness trainer and amazing motivator to help me put together a 10 minute workout that can target the whole body.  We call this the 'Fast and Fierce' Workout.  I'm going to begin doing this 3x a week for the next month and track my progress.  I challenge you to do the same.  Next month I will catch up with Devan again and come up with a new 10 minute workout so that we can all stay fit! This is perfect right after Thanksgiving. Time to burn away all that sweet potato pie. I have put a list of the workout below so you can check it out and follow the format. So go ahead and hit play and groove baby!! 10 minutes is nothing!! Get it done!! Don't you totally dig the song in the video? Well that's 'Proper Protocol' by my pal out in LA, Dirk Deafner. You can check out the song, even download it here ----->

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