Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The SamOffThaRecord Experience Season 2 Ep. 1 "When Dreamers Collide"

"When Dreamers Collide" New York Edition
"We are much more powerful than we think we are. Let’s use this power, use the strength that everyone has when he/she is following his/her real Bliss, Personal Legend, you name it.
We are the dreamers, but we are also the revolution.
Dreams are not negotiable. Dreamers can’t be tamed." -Paulo Coelho

After an experimental Season 1 I took some time to work on a few projects, change my hair color, learn a few life lessons, and well. live a little. I also had some time to figure out what direction I wanted to move towards with The SOTR Experience Season 2. As most of you know by now, I'm not particularly the most predictable, technical, or planned out individual. I work and create out of energy, intuition, and experiences that inspire me. I'm a lover of raw, real ass life, people, and freedom. I decided to incorporate those exact ingredients into Season 2.
This season I'm taking a more raw, documentary style approach to what I film and present. If I live, create and inspire others I want it to be in the most organic and honest way possible. Therefore, the episodes for this season are being presented in vlog format. They've been extended by a few minutes and they're not scripted. I don't have a camera person this time and I'm filming them and editing them myself or handing over the camera to whoever is hanging with me or near me at the time. Of course for many other projects I work on technicality, a crew and great planning is necessary but for The Samofftharecord Experience, I would like it to be as real as I am, maybe even as flawed as I am, as wild and crazy as I am, as incoherent as my ideas are at times, as unscripted as my life is, as imperfect as I am. It's my experience so I chose to take full control of this Season. Don't worry I didn't change everything!! Of course I will still be showcasing and featuring some of the coolest, bravest, bad ass dreamers, culture shock game changers and artists that I run across! The visual may have changed but the overall vision and mission are still the same!! 

Without further to do, I present to you my first episode of Season 2. I went to New York with my friend Justin of Hero The Band and we went on a few adventures. We connected with old friends, new friends and inhaled life and inspiration in the concrete jungle. The friends we connected with are amazing, talented musicians. Dmac - http://dmacheavymusic.com and one of my favorite NY bands of the moment The Freaky Baby Daddies- http://thefreakybabydaddies.bandcamp.com

Enough talking. Hit play! I truly hope you enjoy Season 2 of 'The Samofftharecord Experience' and you find yourself inspired to live out your deepest desires and wildest dreams.
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