Monday, November 3, 2014


The anticipation came to an end this past Friday which was also Halloween night for the awaited video release of rising Atlanta rock/pop group, Hero The Band. The 'Fool's Gold' visual directed by the band themselves along with Demondre Hudson, and Jake Heart was unveiled  at Golden Glide skating rink in the form of a Halloween party.  “We wanted to create something memorable that is beyond the typical music video of today”, stated bassist Jerramy Barnett.  “It’s a wild musical infusion of Austin Powers and the Hunger Games mixed together on  roller skates.”

Hero The Band is comprised of four blood brothers whose jaw dropping epic live performances have rapidly built a loud and loyal fan base.  Justin, Jerramy, DJ, and Nick Barnett combine infectious guitar rifs and electro pop synthesizers, with layered harmonies and melodies to create a unique sound of their own.    Their new single, “Fools Gold” has quickly drawn attention with fans and radio station DJs on a national level.    

Of course you know I attended the video release which was a blast  since I had to peep my little cameo in the video, which only caused me a few bruises from busting my ass while skating! But hey, I won't complain, it was an awesome experience. Hero The Band is on their way to greatness and  witnessing their growth is a beautiful thing. So check it out my friends! Hit play, share, and tell your mama, your auntie, and your grandaddy that the Heroes are here to rock the world!! 
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Behind The Scenes Of 'Fool's Gold' video -----> Here