Tuesday, October 14, 2014



What's new in my crate box you ask? Simply an eargasmic new track from one of my favorite New York bands, The Freaky Baby Daddies. What's even sweeter than learning that they have a new project on the way is that I got the first listen and exclusive access to their new track, "Feed Your Ego." Yes my awesome friends, we get to hear it before it's official release next week!! Hit play, prepare for take off, and rock the fuck out!!
Brooklyn's genre and culture fusing quartet The Freaky Baby Daddies released the single "Feed Your Ego." The 5 and a half minute sonic journey scales the entire musical spectrum - starting off with a classic blues rock riff provided by guitarist Quazimodo Jones thats immediately accompanied by Daddy Magic's four to the floor beat. Daddy Longlegz soon joins in on bass before the band collectively explodes into a Hendrix style riff. Once the storm settles, the band quiets down as OD Dash's vocals cut through flawlessly to tell the tale of getting caught up in fame and the vices that come with the territory. "Many people end up not being able to evolve outside of the image they've created for themselves," says OD Dash. "…Celebrities must remain celebrities to the point where egos must be fed to retain a sense of purpose, which is false." The song soon abandons its classic rock format and breaks down into a reggae groove. "We all wanna rise" chants OD Dash as the band builds on the island rhythms before jumping into a Led Zeppelin-esque free for all. By the end of all the madness, the band modulates the key of the song and exits with a soft jazz outro as Dash laments "Feed your ego" in his delicate falsetto. "Feed Your Ego" will be celebrated 21 October, 2014 at New York City's Santos Party House for New Island Entertainment's Official CMJ Showcase can be streamed and downloaded for free at The Freak's Bandcamp page (http://thefreakybabydaddies.bandcamp.com).

This song inspired me so much I made this GIF!