Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 When I saw this trailer I almost passed out!! Many of us have been wondering when we will get more Jay Electronica music and where he has been. After watching the trailer for an experimental film directed by Jason Goldwatch that will be released in early 2015 through Mass Appeal featuring Jay Electronica, I came to the conclusion that his absence must be due to his continuous search for higher knowledge. I'm still unsure of what "Into The Light" which is the title of Goldwatch's film is all about but I'm sure anxious to see it upon release. Goldwatch released the statement below:

Jay Electronica is full of mystery, and like a magician, his character lends itself to new ways of seeing things that would seem impossible to many. Several years ago, Jay and I traveled to the other side of the Earth. We left a piece of ourselves there. In exchange, we brought back something entirely new, and the images that follow are a glimpse into that magic for everyone who's curious.
Traveling across strange lands, we were invited to attend sacred ceremonies of sacrifice and parading celebrations of ancient descent. We trekked together towards the horizon and explored crowded monasteries, solitary mountain top temples, slums of filthy laughing children, and rivers running with blood and flower petals. I documented as Jay walked a river of burning human bodies. We crash landed a helicopter in the Himalayas, and he delivered rice and clean water to a school in a refugee tent city. The result was a collage of movements and emotion.
The experience in itself was a perfect circle. A question with no answers. Full of laughter and tears, but no love story or plot twists. We searched for absolute truth in life, and the only undeniable answer we found was death.
Since returning, I have been working on a film based on this journey called Into the Light. It is experimental in form and best described as a meditation in un-learning. A movement in seeing without watching, hearing without listening, and the brave exploration of spirit. I look forward to sharing this film soon.