Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last night was EPIC!! Studio No. 7 & Creative Nuova featured me for  the very first  'The Launch' event here in Atlanta, GA.  Some pretty awesome friends came by to enjoy an evening of great music, exquisite cuisine, and fancy drinks (full post & images of 'The Launch'  coming soon).  It was the perfect night to share what my team and myself have been working on for the past months, which is Season 2 of  'The SamOffThaRecord Experience'!!  I'm extremely excited to share the trailer for what's to come in the next month.  A completely new season full of new experiences, new places, new spaces, new faces, and new inspiration.  So my dear dreamers, believers, creators, and cool ass people, hit play!! Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube & Vimeo Channels as I will be making quite a bit of changes and additions in the next months!! There are so many amazing things in store and I cannot wait to share it with you!! Share your thoughts and LIVE-CREATE-INSPIRE!!!