Tuesday, July 1, 2014


"The handling of the heart's a very delicate art cause it's paper thin." -Jay Electronica (Eternal Sunshine)

Love, loove, looove! It seems that everywhere I turn and out of 80% of the convos my girlfriends want to have, the topic is always 'love'.  Whether it's an urgency to find the love of their life, dealing with 'bae' (I hate that word) drama, or crying their eyes out after dealing with heartbreak 'love' takes priority! Love seems to have a hold on us.  Now I'm quite aware that love strikes all of us at one point or another, trust me I've been there before!  However, as the years have passed my perspective has changed.  It has shifted to the point to where my friends don't dare ask for my advice because they know my response will most likely be, "Fuck it, life goes on" "Shit happens" "Love your damn self," or "Don't hide how you feel, tell him/her they fucking hurt your feelings and you're gonna kick him/her in the gut or balls!"  I am however an advocate of freedom of choice.  Choose how you want to feel, choose to be in love, choose to believe in love in the form that you choose to.  We all have different perspectives of life and that's what makes this world beautiful, what a boring world it would be if we were all the same!

Which brings me to this! I will never understand why when people talk about love to me it's like they're trying to convert me to a religion. I've had plenty people trying to convert me and it's almost as annoying as Jehova Witnesses knocking on your door. Some assume I'm a bitter woman because of the past. It is not so, I look forward not backwards. Some try to scare me by telling me that looks don't last forever and I'll soon get old and lonely. My response to that is, "I don't give a shit!" If I gave in to that fear I would settle for any man who appeared to be a good candidate.  Truth is,  I  just don't believe that people belong to people.  I believe people belong to their purpose, and society's idea of "love " is a booby trap that takes the focus away.  When I think about great men or women who created great change and fulfilled their purpose I realize that society's idea of 'love' was never their priority.  Take Bob Marley for example, he was married but was involved with multiple women,  his priority was always his mission, his love was his purpose.  Then I think about Mandela, a terrible husband, a lover of many women but committed wholeheartedly to his journey.   People belong to purpose!

Contrary to belief, I fall in love all the time,  I fall in love with moments, I fall in love with life. Us human beings evolve, we change consistently. Artists and creatives in particular are consistently wandering and coming in contact with creative energies, it's impossible to not become mesmerized and fascinated with people almost daily!!  

Love has a different meaning to all.  Love to me is my inner voice in a loud world.  Love is painless. Love is now. Love is the breath I inhale.  Love is pure. Love is the peace I feel when everything is shaking.  Love is the balance in an unbalanced world.  Love is helping others, teaching our younger generation, without expecting anything in return. Love is love!  

So could it be that we have love all fucked up? Could it be that maybe some of us will be the lucky ones to truly feel and understand love? Could it be that we will never ever know? Could it be that we are all already in love?

I'm sure that I will get accused of being a bitter anti-love bitch, but that's quite alright.  I would love to hear what your idea of love is.  Have you found love? What the F**K is love?

I decided to start writing these Offtharecord chats to explore the many perspectives of life & love because there is no one way to view life.  We can choose to live out our lives in the way that suits us.  These views are strictly my own, what are your thoughts? Let's chat!