Friday, June 27, 2014


 It was something as fascinating as colorful rain pouring from the sky!! Except it wasn't rain, but there was clouds and clouds of neon greens, electric yellows, hot pinks, and every color your happy mind can imagine. The energy was felt at high levels as hundreds of lively runners gathered to participate in the coolest 5k in the world, 'The Color Fun Fest 5k'.  Luckily we had the honor to experience this exciting event thanks to our Color Fun Fest friends!! This epic color run took place May 31, 2014 at Turner Field here in Atlanta.  The 7 pm run seemed a little slow since the weather hit us with a storm, but it didn't stop runners from showing up.  Eventually the rain let up and the 9pm  run turned out to be a success! The team and I had a blast! We danced along to the electric dance music the DJ was dishing out,  we ran, we got paint in the most random places, places a girl should never have paint in, but it was totally worth it!!  The hour I spent in the shower gave me ample time to reflect on how awesome of a time I had! Being a seeker of cool ways to work out I plan on making this a yearly experience.. The next Atlanta run is right around the corner in September so start gearing up to be in attendance and have one heck of a time and remember to LIVE-CREATE-INSPIRE!!

Stay informed about the 5k run here-----> COLOR FUN FEST