Friday, May 9, 2014


New York City. Last Summer. Bang Bang!

That's the first time I witnessed a live performance in the LES at Every Day People by Wondaland Society artists, Chuck Lightning and Nate Wonder, best known as 'Deep Cotton'.  Ever since that experience I've been freaking out heavily on a consistent basis to their track, "We're Far Enough From Heaven" off of their Fixtape 'Runaway Radio'.
Just 2 weeks ago the dynamic duo performed at Counterpoint Festival in Rome, Georgia.  Their performance was nothing short of amazeeee-balls, so much that the electric lady, Janelle Monae was in the midst of the crowd fist pumping and freaking out with the rest of us.  We caught up with Deep Cotton after the show, asked a few questions, learned some new dance moves, and got to the bottom of why they call themselves, Deep Cotton.. "It's the best band name ever because it's fluffy, sexual, and historical." Enough chatter.. Hit play and freak out.  If you haven't yet download Runaway Radio, do yourself a favor and Go HERE! You can thank me later.