Thursday, January 2, 2014


Photo Credit: Brent Gates|BlvckLvb Media 

"The Rat Tailed Pixie"
After an exciting 2 year relationship with my Mohawk, I arrived at the conclusion that the time to part had come. 2014 came around in the blink of an eye and what better way to bring in the new than by getting a new hair do'.

I'm a person of change, expression, and experimentation, which is why for the past 2 years my Mohawk was my best friend. I did everything with that Mohawk from dying it blonde to rocking dread locks. As the year came to a close, I decided to start growing the sides which were normally cut down to a zero guard and in no time my new growth starting filling in. I understand that the transition process takes patience and a lot of TLC for your tresses, so I mentally prepared to endure the process. Now that the sides had began to grow I felt the urge to cut all the length off but didn't exactly know how to make sense of all the different lengths I had going on in my hair, and besides, I've never had super short hair on all my head. After days of debating, I walked over to the salon on New Year's Eve and asked the wonderful Stylist Tahiri to cut all my hair off to the same length. She was hesitant to do it considering I had plenty of length In the middle, but I was determined to start 2014 fresh. We decided to go with a pixie which would give me flexibility to play with different styles but what we came up with has become the best and most fitting hair cut I've ever had!! I told her I wanted to keep a tail in the back of my head as a reminder of the life changing past years I've had, so she worked her magic and we ended up with what I call, "The Rat Tailed Pixie". This short haircut gives me the flexibility to have more than one look, which is tough with a short cut. It allows me the freedom to transform from one side of me to the next with great ease. 

I put together a grid of 4 of my favorite looks I've experimented with so far. One look is for my wild side, a faux hawk for the days that all I feel like doing is listening to the Black Keys and putting my middle finger In the air. The second is my smooth look, sometimes I feel like I'm The Smooth Operator and you can't tell me nothin'. The third look is my favorite, it's a bowl cut.. sure I got confused for a small Asian man when I wasn't wearing my lipstick but I like it for an everyday chill look. The fourth is the classic finger waves, I absolutely love to dress up Gatsby style on occasions, so finger waves are just right! Overall, I  am super thrilled to have accidentally found the most suitable and coolest haircut for me. Internally It's more than just getting a haircut. I feel as If I have left the past behind and I am now ready for new growth, rebirth and transformation. 
Cheers to the New Year and to new hair do's! 

Let's keep it Crazy, Sexy, Cool... And most of all.... OFFTHARECORD!!