Tuesday, December 3, 2013


                                   "SOTR X VINTAGE NATION"
Hello Offtharecord!!

 It is my pleasure to present the premiere of my new project/webshow "Samofftharecord" in collaboration with BlvckLvb Media. I find my self ultra thrilled and ready to burst in excitement as I type this newsletter. This project has been a thought and an idea for about a year now and it is now ready to launch. When I moved to Atlanta 2 and a half years, I wasn't aware of the challenges, the experiences, and the people that I would encounter. All that I knew was that this big city was the place where I would grow, find new pieces of myself, and tap into endless opportunities. In the few years that I have been here I have networked, filled myself with experiences, met some of the most extraordinary humans possible and tackled challenges that have forever changed me and led me to begin creating a career tailored just for me, simply by using the gifts given to me by the creator. This project is my perspective on this beautiful and thriving city and it's creative inhabitants that keep it alive. These are my thoughts, my experiences, and my creative outlook along with some of the movers and culture shock gamers I have met along the journey. I chose to kick off the project with a Special Edition episode featuring Vintage Nation while they were performing at the Microsoft store at the Lennox Mall here in Atlanta. Since the day I met them they have inspired me with their drive, love, and passion for their dream. Vintage Nation represent Atlanta to the fullest, the city of hustlers, dreamers, and doers!!