Monday, August 11, 2014


So you want to take over the world? You feel invincible, you are ambitious, driven, hungry, a worrier warrior, a dreamer doer , on your best day you'll give Batman or Wonder Woman a run for their money, you are a tenacious creature ready to conquer, but what happens when life kicks your ass and reminds you that you my friend, are also HUMAN!? The correct answer would be, "FIGHT BACK!" But I have come to tell you that fighting back is not always the way! I know that you are a hardcore, mega strong person that refuses to give in, trust me, I am too, however in these past weeks I had a moment of enlightenment and I want to share it with you!

Since you are reading my blog I'm going to assume that you are a driven, sexy beast, that goes hard for what you want. You probably wear many hats and work really, really hard to reach new heights.  Sometimes you carry the weight of the world with your two hands and let's admit, it gets pretty heavy and it wears you down, but you keep on standing, you refuse to let go and the weight keeps piling more and more and more because you can handle it, before you know it... KAPLOW!! The unthinkable happens, you have collapsed, your mind is foggy, your mood is shitty, you can't squeeze a good idea out even if you wanted to, you have isolated yourself from your friends, even your family, you eat junky food and feel like the world is just fighting against you!! You don't have to admit it, but I know that we all fall in that dark hole at least once in a while.  You're the rock of your circle, you can't call anyone and you can't show weakness, you can't vent because you refuse to spread others with your negative energy... so what do you do?

You do what you hate doing!!! You RELAX!!  I know that sometimes, that word is unacceptable to some of us because we feel like we're wasting time, but it's so vital.  I  had a semi nasty bike accident last week, I flew off my bike riding down a hill, sprained my wrist, slightly fractured my collarbone, scraped up my chin, and cut my middle finger to the bone (it looks gross), and got some nasty bruises on my legs.  As tough as I tried to act, the pain that came from this incident put me on the bench for a couple days, I sat and wallowed, cried (yes I admit it), not from pain, but from the frustration of not being able to efficiently do everything I had to get done.  I juggle many roles such as mommy, building a company, delivering clients their work on time, finding clients, paying people, paying bills, and maintaining a household while making sure there's clean underwear and socks in drawers and food in the fridge.  It can get very draining.  I got so down in the pits, I couldn't come up with any creative ideas,  I was lashing out at the people around me, I was beginning to feel like all my years of hard work were worthless, like nothing will ever really happen, and like truly giving up (i know we aren't supposed to say that, I'm a sinner) until I realized that maybe this was supposed to happen to make me pause for a moment!

I decided to PAUSE! To disconnect from work, from all my previous ideas, from my negative feelings.  I sat still, watched movies with my roomie, my son, and my brother without feeling guilty for wasting time.  I kicked up my feet and drank mimosas with my friend.  We laughed.  I prayed.  I began to feel better and better.  I went to the movies without an agenda.  I listened to inspirational podcasts and just sat back for a couple days.  That's all it took, a couple days to BREATHE, RELAX, RESET, and now I'm ready to KICK ASS!!

Well now that I am out of the hole!! I feel MIGHTY!! I feel refreshed!! I feel ready to slay any obstacle in front of me, I feel full of ideas, full of inspiration and overall happy.  My wounds are healing pretty nicely and my mind is clear. 
I share this because I know alot of us have these big wild dreams, these ambitions that are bigger than us.  We get so caught up chasing these ideas and dreams that we become over whelmed at times and we don't allow ourselves to simply breathe and enjoy the moments.  I learned that it's ok to just hit the pause button, grab a mimosa from time to time and simple BREATHE, RELAX, RESET, LIVE, CREATE, INSPIRE, AND KICK ASS all over again!

My dear friend be kind to yourself, respect your mind, your body and spirit enough to give it the break that it needs.  You will see that by allowing yourself to breathe will bring you better inspiration and ideas! Don't wait to learn this by falling off a bike like me, learn from me!!!!

with love