Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Photos by Brent D. Gates for Offtharecord

LOCATION: Golden Glide Skating Rink | Decatur, GA
YEAR: 1975 (Actually 2014)
MISSION:  "Fool's Gold" Video Shoot

If you keep up with my blog posts or watch my show, "The SamOffThaRecord Experience", than you should know who my pals, "Hero The Band" are.  If you don't, then first of all, shame on you, but no worries catch up with the episodes featuring them HERE  & HERE.

Not only are Hero The Band rockstars, but also curators of Atlanta music events such as Atlanta Rock Of Ages.  These Heroes are also known to kill stages not only at Atlanta concerts but recently in California as well.  It has been quite a privilege to see these guys grow in the manner that they have and it's amazing to be a part of any event that they put together.  It's always an EXPERIENCE!  Yesterday was no exception, Hero The Band struck again!

I was invited to participate in the filming of their upcoming music video "Fool's Gold" (hear the song HERE) along with other fellow creatives here in Atlanta.  The video shoot took place in a well known skating rink in Decatur, GA known as Golden Glide.  The co-director and videographer for this masterpiece is the young and extremely talented Jake Heart, who has recently been making quite some noise for his dope visuals.  Though there really was no script for this video, the night unfolded in such an organic and exciting manner and seemed from my perspective, to be executed efficiently. The theme and overall direction for this video was brainstormed by Hero The Band.

The year was 1975, the high rise booty shorts, tube socks, roller skates and Afros were everywhere,  and of course the 4 Heroes in Spandex body suits in black, red, silver, and blue.  There was fog machines, a vast array of production lights, an aerial video camera, and multiple characters in costume creating a colorful and fun ambiance.  Making features in the upcoming "Fool's Gold" video were artists such as Willie Hyn, Azar, Rahbi Raw, Natalie Rojas, and many more creatives you may be familiar with.  We skated around, fell a few too many times, and danced the night away creating this video.  There was a brawl scene that turned into a real mayhem as we all battled for our lives and in which some of us died.  I know this sounds intense right? Well it was!! All I remember is that I was a teleporter, I remember falling and having a bunch of people fall over on top of me creating a pile up of roller skaters in 70's attire.  I woke up with multiple bruising from my falls, but it was worth it.  It was super exciting to be a part of this event.  I wish I could give you more details about this epic video in the making, but I can't!! You will have to wait and see this for yourself soon.  However, check out our exclusive behind the scenes photos of this exciting night and stay tuned for the release of  the "Fool's Gold" music video and remember to LIVE.CREATE.INSPIRE!!

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