Friday, May 2, 2014


Now I don't know how many times I have to say this but I'll say it once more.. Rahbi is Magic!!

 Last night I attended the video screening for Rahbi's visual for his new single Flick. Space 2 on Edgewood was the chosen location for this anticipated 'experience', because that's exactly what anything Rahbi related is! Walking in you would've thought you entered an emperor's home on the Palatine Hill with decorations reminiscent of ancient Roman times. People danced all while wondering, "Where the hell is Rahbi?" Of course the master of the ceremony had to show up fashionably late, in this case he pranced in wearing the attire of a Roman Emperor and sunglasses with 2 beautiful damsels on hand suitable for royalty. Rahbi graced the stage with a mini performance and introduced his awaited visual.
Here today we have an Offtharecord exclusive just for you!! Sit back and let RAHBI take you on a voyage as he introduces his new single and visual "Flick." Paying respect to high erotic art with clips from the 1979 erotic biographical drama Caligula, Rahbi is displaying the relevance and beauty of the musical experience in its entirety as he uses visual aesthetics along with great vocals. Intimately combining his own imagination with that of the film, Flick demands that you look and listen to music differently.