Tuesday, April 8, 2014


           Video edit by Brent Gates

"The Internet Take Over The Loft"

Unorthodox! Radical! Avant-garde! Those are the words that came to mind when I witnessed The Internet perform at Atlanta's intimate music venue, The Loft, last week.
A soft, delicate, and passionate sound filled the room seducing every ear in the audience. Taking center stage stood a slim, fresh-faced, Syd the Kyd with a laid back, west coast swagger and the voice of an angel! Standing to her right was Matt Martians accompanying her with the congos and key strokes and behind her the rest of the band jamming away, creating a warm, pleasant, vibe-heavy atmosphere.
The Internet's fusion of experimental jazz and neo soul create such a unique sound which makes you feel good.  "Feel Good" in fact is the title of their latest project from which they performed several songs from.
To hear such a warm, melodic jazz sound project from this 5 member band is truly radical.  Nothing you would expect from Odd Future.  I won't say why... I'll show you... Check out the mini video recap above and enjoy the dope shots I captured below!

Find out more about The Internet here.