Tuesday, January 28, 2014


                                                       Photos Shot by: BlvckLvb Media


I found it fitting to shoot and show off my yoga wheel poses on a rooftop with the city view symbolizing my new found peace in the midst of my busy life in the city.... Of course I had to do it in style! :)
For the past 4 months I have slowly began to submerge myself in the practice of Hatha Yoga. Although years ago I tried it out for a bit, I had never fully committed to the practice and I believe it to be because I simply did not understand it or crave for it as I do now. The past 3 years of my life have been some of the most transformative. I have moved around quite a bit to different states, dove into the process of self discovery, and set out on the journey to not only build a career but find my true purpose and fulfill my deepest dreams. Such a process has been quite amazing and magical but at the same time very chaotic and challenging.

Learning to master myself and tame my wild, overactive mind has been quite the battle. Through the years I have often experimented with different workouts but never truly committed to any. I'm naturally an active person on the daily but I had yet to find something which gave me some kind of routine or balance without feeling monotonous (monotony depresses me). It was until a few months ago that I began practicing yoga consistently and began to feel a transformation that felt so organic and true to my body, mind, and spirit.

 Living in the city while juggling my regular job, creating my brand, producing my web series, and the many other creative endeavors I take on can sometimes leave me very tired, scattered, confused, frustrated and just thirsty for refreshment of my being. All of these feelings were turning me into a moody, cranky woman more often than I liked.

Yoga has slowly taught me how to find the balance between surrender and strength. It has helped me to learn to love my body and accept it fully as I become amazed at the hidden beauty I had not yet discovered. I am becoming aware of the beautiful ways I can express myself with movement. Having to hold poses with strength and grace at the same time has helped me to be patient and to free my mind. Every time I'm on my mat I realize I am entering a sacred place where I become aware of every breath, revery movement, of every expression, and in that moment I am present only in that place. As I practice daily, I've noticed my flexibility increasing, my focus increasing and my strength become greater. I find myself feeling a deeper feeling of peace in the midst of chaos and uncomfortable situations, and I have become more confident in my body. All of these feelings I encounter on my mat during yoga practice are useful in my daily life. I can feel the transformation within and outside. Yoga is beautiful it is changing my life and teaching me to be more mindful and focused on my goals and intentions all while I'm becoming a higher and truer version of myself.

To be continued...........