Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Photo Credit: Julian Plowden
Video: Mr. Carmichael
2 Chainz doesn't pop mollies and he's a healthy eater!! Add that to the list of new things I learned during The A3C Festival.

I'm still slowly descending from the delightful high the rapid succession of events held during the 5 days gave me.  No matter how many days they add to A3C (All 3 Coasts) it's never enough to catch all the artists, shows, and panels I'd like. However, this year was epic and I absorbed as much as I could handle. Whether I was throwing the Wu Tang 'W' up in the air when Ghost Face Killah blessed the stage at Little 5 Point's Variety Play House, listening to 2 Chainz discuss sex, not popping mollies, and new album talk at a Q&A at Edgewood's Sound Table, discovering new amazing talent such as Jeary Sylves from my hometown AZ at the Star Bar, rapping along to one of my all time favorites Talib Kweli's "Umi Says" at the Edgewood Stage, watching The Heineken Mural Project artists paint their murals at the Sunset Pop Up Parties, taking notes at panels from Revolt TV and other distinguished panelist, interviewing international graffiti artists at the Heineken VIP & Media Extravaganza, or just going ape shit in the rain when the great Quest Love closed down the block party on Sunday, this A3C was a reminder of why I love Atlanta so much and why music unites the people. I felt lucky and honored to witness legendary acts all meanwhile taking a peek at the future of music.  It's clear that hip hop and music as a whole are evolving into something absolutely beautiful. It was also confirmation that Hip Hop is still alive, beating, and breathing within all of us present. All I can say is, God bless the practitioners of the microphone art! I could sit here and tell you more but like they say, "Pictures tell a thousand words!"  I'd like to give a big Offtharecord thank you to Heineken for the media access.