Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Dear Donald,
I am a Mexican immigrant in America, and contrary to your belief, am not a rapist, drug trafficker, or criminal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however there is no excuse for ignorance. As of lately I have been wondering if your toupee is more ridiculous than the words coming out of your mouth. For someone who is a presidential candidate such ignorant words prove that money cannot buy common sense. Over the past year we have seen many racial injustices throughout America, the root of them all being ignorance, someone has to put an end to this. From personal experience coming to America at the age of seven, I experienced racism, profiling, and other social injustices. My family and I were often treated as though we were rapists, drug traffickers and criminals, simply for being Latino in America. None of this was the the case, we were simply a family in search of the American dream, a dream that becomes a nightmare when there are bigots like you. The Road to success for many Mexican immigrants becomes infinitely harder when the bigotry you exemplify is implanted in the minds of other Americans. I won't deny that there are within the Mexican race rapists, drug traffickers, and criminals, but isn't that the case for every race including white Americans?  On the flip side there are also hard working, intelligent, innovative, game changing Mexicans that come into this country in hope of fulfilling their potential, only to be met with discrimination and injustice.  I see my people working hard everyday, I hear the stories of those around me who work endless hours in the kitchens of restaurants, cleaning hotel rooms, serving as nannies to the kids of the wealthy, being denied the opportunity of furthering their education because of their legal status and being forced to live below their potential.  This saddens me because I know how hard I have had to work to have a fair shot at fulfilling my own potential.  I have seen dreams trumped because friends of mine didn't have the resources to get a college education or the legal status to apply for scholarships, grants, or financial aid.  Still, after many are forced to live in the shadows and work labor jobs that sustain the American economy we have to deal with insults from people such as yourself.  My parents are those type of people, I am that type of person.  Many of my friends are those type of people. I could be angry, I could be cursing you out even though you won't ever read this, or I could be making memes of your silly toupee on social media, but none of that would bring a solution to the bigger issue in America that you prove by your words spoken while running for president.  That issue is ignorance.  Instead, I pity you.  I will not choose to be angry, I choose to continue to learn and evolve, even without a college education.  I choose to keep surrounding myself with those who help me grow and are nurturing my talents.  I choose to continue striving to expand my mind to new levels everyday so that I may influence my generation to shun ignorance and open up our hearts to all.  I choose to be an example to my people, to all the people who deal with injustice.  I choose to become my best self so I may lead the way and prove that nothing is impossible. I choose to be a game-changer. God bless you.


         A Mexican Immigrant & A Game Changer