Tuesday, June 9, 2015


At first listen of Rob Milton’s single “Bad Habit,” one hears a variety of peculiar sounds, most remarkably the warped guitars, and his passionate voice telling the story of his love. Once one takes in the lyrics of the song it becomes evident that the “Bad Habit” isn’t coming in the form of some addictive drug, rather his lover. From his sensational voice we hear a compelling story about how he can’t get enough love, and how he feels their coursing through his veins. With references to him itching to get his loving, and not being able to stay away, it is safe to draw a comparison between addiction and his love for his lover. Overall with its unique lyrics, distinct guitar use, and uncommon use of synthesizers, this composition  shows the potential which lies within Milton’s June 19th album “Rebirth.”
Make sure you head on over and take a listen for yourself!

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