Friday, March 7, 2014


Photos Courtesy of Patrick Fagan


"Squat! Jump! Drop! Plank! Push Up! Jumping jacks!! Keep moving, whatever you do, DON'T stop!!" said one of the extremely fit, motivating trainers from NTC all while I was sweating balls and hanging on for dear life during a high intensity workout courtesy of NIKE.

Yesterday night was the launch of the long awaited Nike Training Club (NTC) in Atlanta.  Seventy plus some motivated individuals ready to put in work, get fit, and most likely  in the process of getting summertime fine gathered at the Nike Store in Lennox Mall. Of course I couldn't miss out on a free training class from professional trainers, therefore I joined the awesome ladies of #TeamVictory and some friends from a run club I participate with known as "Pacers and Movers".  

Upon arrival I was instructed to sign a waiver, then given the opportunity to try out a pair of the New Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit and use them through the workout. I must say that these are one of the most comfortable workout shoes I have worn thus far.  The fit felt extremely secure, light weight,  ultra flexible, and most of all super comfy.  

After stretching for a bit it was time to head up stairs, but not without a pep talk from the trainers.  They made sure we heard them loud and clear.... It was time to put in work!!

Then the sweating began.  The 45 minute high intensity training session was a circuit combination of plyometrics, strength training, and lots of cardio.  There was a really cool DJ on site so the music was booming, the energy was high and being around so many people ready to sweat made this workout session amazing.  I felt extremely motivated by the trainers who traveled around the group pushing people individually to reach further than they imagined they could.  The moments where I would usually give up if I were working out alone were the moments where I felt inspired to push a little harder. Upon completing the workout we all got a really good stretch and were able to socialize with like minded people.  Sure my legs felt like jello but my spirits were high and I felt good.  I did It! I imagine the rest of the individuals present felt that same sense of accomplishment.  

Jumps, squats, planks, pushups, and Supermans later I felt ready to keep working towards my fitness goals thanks to Nike!

Are you passionate about fitness, do you want to become a healthier you? Join the next NTC sessions.

The Nike Store @ Lennox Mall will hold NTC sessions every Thursday @ 8 pm!! Show up 20 minutes early to check in and stretch!! Remember to show up with a "Just Do It" attitude and high spirits!! Build a better you!!

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